Cruise Aerospace

Our History

Cruise Aerospace is a registered company founded and established in Pakistan, under the Company's Act, Government of Pakistan, in 2016. Cruise Aerospace is also member of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), Pakistan. The company started its operations in 2017 and has quickly made international partnerships with leading aviation and aerospace companies. Presently the company is serving industrial and aerospace requirements of regional and international clients, which include spare support, repairs, training and engineering services. The passion to serve aerospace industry through highest level of professionalism remained the guiding principle of Cruise Aerospace.


Cruise Aerospace is an emerging group of entrepreneurs working their way to make footprints in ever growing Aviation and Aerospace industry Their head office is Based in Pakistan, but their support services, clients and partners extend from USA to Australia and Middle East to Europe, while their home is Asia. Cruise Aerospace is your resource point for spare support, maintenance and engineering services in commercial as well as military aviation and its derivatives.


Born to an educated and highly respectable family, Mr Sair Hassan is the eldest son of Dr. Syed Tassawar Hussain. He is co-founder of Cruise Aerospace alongside Dr Saiyda Reema Tassawar Hussain, Managing Director Cruise Aerospace. Mr Sair Hassan is an accomplished Aerospace Engineer with over 32 years of diversified on hand aerospace experience of engineering, maintenance, repairs, logistics and international business. Cruise Aerospace has been established to serve global aviation industry with passion, where credibility is traded with trust. His message lies in offering a credible handshake with warmth and compassion, where clients feel trusted, respected and given un-matched importance. Cruise Aerospace is a place where ethics are supreme, professionalism in paramount, credibility is core, law is guiding principle and fair practices is way of life. The world is welcome to feel at home at Cruise Aerospace and experience a cruising comfort.